Our Prices

Great prices, no surprises


pick & choose

all properties

unlimited Tours



Unlimited Tours with Soundtracks for ANY of your Sales & Letting properties


Wonderfully simple

- you can create a Tour

with as little as 3 taps


Customise & re-publish

the Tour as often as you like

- the control is in your hands

get started

£12.50 soundtrack
£25 pro narrated


You choose which properties

receive a Tour


Bespoke Tours,

hand-crafted by us


Simple "2-click"

ordering system


£50 minimum spend

per month, per branch

get started

£10 soundtrack
£20 pro narrated




Tours created across all properties, without you

lifting a finger


Bespoke, hand-crafted Tours


Set thresholds per branch to exclude lower priced properties


Photographically poor

properties excluded

get started

All prices ex vat.


We think one of these options will fit like a glove, and if you want to change to another? no problem.


Our amazing apps Property Tours, Tour Gallery, Personalise and TV Channel are available for all 3 services.


No data feeds required. Tours are delivered within 24 hours.


How Long are Your Contracts?
What is Charged and What Comes Free?

Contracts tie in customers and make suppliers lazy.

You don't like them, and neither do we. So we don't use them.

Like you, we live on our reputation.

You can cancel your service at any time with just 30 days notice.

We charge for our Tours (see rates above), everything else is free.

So branded versions of our amazing apps Property Tours, Tour Gallery, Personalise and our TV Channel are all provided free of charge.

How do I Add Tours to the Portals and Social Media sites?
What Happens to the Tours if we Leave?

Simply paste the link that we email through to you into your property software (usually into a field labelled "Virtual Tour") and the Tour will be added to your Portals as part of their feed.

For Facebook and Twitter, simply click their links in the email we send you and the Tour is automatically added.

They are yours to keep, forever.

How do I Pay for the Tours?
What if Photos or Details Change?

By Direct Debit. At the start of each month, we'll send you a detailed invoice itemising each Tour we produced for you in the previous month. The total is then taken by Direct Debit in one payment usually by the 20th of the following month.

Just drop us an email and we'll update the Tour for you free of charge.

If changes are regular, we have an App that you can use, free of charge.

Got A Question before you start Touring?

We're here to help.

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Property Tours are specialists in Property video.

Our world class video services

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