Property Tours

As BIG as your imagination. As individual as you.

The Gold Standard in Property video

Why Property Tours?

1. ZERO Effort

Within an hour of listing, every sales & letting property receives a Property Tour - without you lifting a finger.

2. Walk-throughs

The simplest, fastest way to create engaging walk-through movies with the details buyers & sellers love.

3. Feature-packed

Click here  to see the unique, jaw-dropping features each Property Tour comes packed with.

4. Narration

Make creating walk-throughs simpler by adding narration in the app after you've recorded the video. Choose between your own, or an assistant voice.

5. Infinite variety

With four different intro's, and no limit to the number of photos and videos included, EVERY Tour is guaranteed to look different.

6. Flyby Intro

Start each movie with a dramatic Google Earth zoom-in, highlighting the precise address of the property.

Become the "enemy of average".

Be different, be better. Here's how...

A touch of Hollywood in your pocket

The Property Tours app

- a tutorial

Simply Creative.

The goal is clear. To simplify the process of creating the very best property videos, so that ANY agent can use video to win instructions - regardless of experience or technical ability.

We're proud to reveal our NEW Property Tours app, with industry-first features, fast & easy to use and designed to make the seemingly impossible ... possible.

Check out this tutorial and imagine what amazing videos you could create with an app so capable, yet so simple.

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Simple. Fast. Impressive.

We make walk-throughs simple.

In this short "How To" video, Neil shows how easy it is to create a walk-through movie with the Property Tours app.

By breaking down the process into simple, bite-sized chunks, we've made it possible for ANY agent to create engaging, professional quality videos.

It's as easy as 1-2-3.


Record clips you'd like to add into the app, or upload from your library.


Trim, upload and position your clips.


Hit publish and your new Tour is with you within the hour.