Social Media Slammers

Property video PURPOSE-BUILT for social media.
One of our five unique designs automatically included with each Property Tour, for NO extra charge.

Select & publish any of the designs from the Property Tours app


A fascinating new design - property video has never looked like this before! It works perfectly for so many different homes. The height of this slammer is ideal to maximise its impact on mobile apps such as Instagram & facebook.


Tranform the property from a sketch into a vibrant reality. This dream-like animation is perfect for captivating buyers and framing properties as forever homes. Apply liberally to suburban, waterside or rural properties - wherever a sprinkle of magic is required.


With animation cleverly synchronised to catchy music, Engage is full of energy. An exciting presentation with a sense of adventure & a generous helping of colour to compliment your brand. Great to use on homes with lots of photos and different features to showcase.


Designed to showcase properties in a calm & considered way, taking a moment to enjoy a classic presentation of your finest homes. Especially the "Tadah!" of the silk-reveal finish.


Dramatically different & designed to grab attention, this fun & HIGH ENERGY slammer matches a busy modern lifestyle, and is perfect for the town-house, city centre & busy suburb.

Next Level Marketing

Vibrant, energetic & FUN! Designed to dominate more of the news feed.

Five UNIQUE Designs

A variety of designs to cater for every style of property, selectable with a single tap in the Property Tours app.

STOP the Scroll,
Take Control.

All the eyeballs have gone to Social Media. That's where your customers spend their time, and it's a space they expect you to dominate to find their perfect buyer.

So how do you harness the infinite potential of Social Media? First of all, you've got to STOP THE SCROLL!

Our Social Media Slammers are the ultimate #stopworthy property content. Stop the scroll. Take control.

Purpose-built for Facebook, Instagram, TikTok and ALL your Social Media, they are designed to dazzle and have the energy to stop people in their tracks, showcasing you & your properties.

And with FIVE unique designs, all selectable in the Property Tours app, there's a style perfect for every property.

No effort & no extra cost.

Yep, that's right - we deliver our Slammers with no extra charges & no additional effort from you.

We automatically include a Social Media Slammer free of charge with every Property Tour, carefully matched to the character of the property.

One more thing ... need help with client retention or marketing refresh? No problem. You can order different Slammer styles via our Property Tours app for no extra charge.

What's not to like?